What is Resveratrol and How Can You Be Certain About What Resveratrol Dosage You Need?

Just imagine if you discovered a nutrient that was not essential but would transform your health and vitality. Well I’m going to tell you about one called resveratrol.

So, what is resveratrol? It is a compound naturally occurring in red wine, blueberries and peanuts that can have so many benefits for your body you’ll never be the same again.

Scientists have known about the benefits of red wine for a long time but have only started to study it properly since the last decade of the twentieth century.

They then realised that one of the reasons red wine is good for you is due to the resveratrol in the wine. If you are like me, you probably prefer to know more about this potentially wonder substance.

Without getting too scientific in answer to the question, what is resveratrol, it is a naturally occurring plant compound that protects plants from disease. These types of plant chemicals are known as phytochemicals and recent research has shown that they perform the same protective behavior for humans.

There are two forms or resveratrol – “trans” and “cis”. The “trans” is the natural form and the “cis” is synthetic. You’ll hardly be surprised to expect that the “trans” is the more effective.

This chemical compound is in a group known as polyphenols which also include flavinoids which have antioxidant properties. Just as all antioxidants do, resveratrol can assist in getting rid of free radicals from your body.

It is also an antimutagen (an agent which counteracts a substance which can cause genetic mutation) and anti-inflammatory. So anyone who suffers from conditions such as coronary disease or arthritis should also ask the question, what is resveratrol.

Having a better idea about resveratrol is not really that useful unless you are aware of the resveratrol dosage that will be the most effective for your body. We need to look into the factors that affect the dosage amount.

This can be difficult to answer simply because resveratrol cannot be obtained in quantities adequate to our needs by using only the sources already mentioned. We need to take nutritional supplements and these may be supplied with different potencies of resveratrol.

Also, the dosage amount will vary depending on the age and sex of the person taking it. If the potency is assumed to be 50%, it is advisable that children should not take more than 10mg each day. For both men and women, anything between 15mg to 50mg each day is advisable.

The above resveratrol dosage figures assume that the supplement is a blend with other natural contents including vitamins, minerals, etc. Just as nutrients from plants are more effective because of all the other natural substances that they supply to us so it is for our choice of nutritional supplement.

I’m sure you’ll agree that the main reason for investigating how to stay healthier is simply to live a longer and more disease-free life.

Do yourself a favor and starting using this wonderful nutrient. What is resveratol? By now you know the answer to this question. I have been using a well-balanced supplement containing resveratrol from an ethical supplier and you can find out more about this wonderful product by visiting my website today.